How to Achieve the #nofilterneeded Complexion

How to Achieve the #nofilterneeded Complexion

Introducing SUGU Beauty

Needing a quick fix for the winter months? Or maybe a go-to beauty regime, guaranteed to leave you looking (and feeling) flawless? Don’t worry babe, we got you. Drop everything you’re doing now and say hi to our SUGU essentials.

We’ve been working-hard here at SUGU HQ, travelling across seas to create the ultimate Korean beauty range every glowing babe needs! The girls who not only loves themselves, but their skin too!

While the sheet mask craze is still championing the full-front of skincare for 2018, we’ve put together some ultra-cute ‘skincare essentials’ and glowing skin tips, perfect for creating that #nofilterneeded complexion.

How to have glowing skin

SUGU Glowing Skin Sheet Mask With Egg White

We love it for breakfast, but we also love what it does to our skin! Our SUGU beauty team are obsessed with the SUGU Egg Sheet Mask for creating a dewy, glowing look. Ideal for when you have your unready downtime, the Egg Sheet Mask is rich in protein, perfect for tightening and shrinking larger pores. In addition, the egg white lifts the skin, a must-have for those tired eyes.

For achieving the full glowing look, use this mask during and after a steaming hot shower, where your pores are open, maximising absorption.

bonus Tip: Egg White is a natural remedy to preventing and keeping acne at bay! Add this to your routine weekly for the benefit of glowing, clearer skin!


How to hydrate your skin

SUGU Moisturising Sheet Mask with Avocado

Needing your dose of hydration fast? Our SUGU gurus are totally crushin’ on SUGU Moisturising Avocado Sheet Mask! Our favourite superfood is not only great in your salad, but it does wonders for you hair and skin! Recommended for those brisk winter months, sitting back and popping on SUGU Moisturising Avocado Sheet Mask is sure to restore your skin back to a hydrated radiance.

Perfect for keeping your skin protected in sun rays, the mask lifts dry areas of the face, plumping your under-eye, lips and cheeks back to hydration. It’s not called a super-fruit for nothing!


Plump That Pout

SUGU Hydrating Gel Lip Mask with Cherry


Dewy lips are the ultimate trend for 2018 beauty and we are all OVER it! Inspired by the trend filling our insta-feeds, we worked hard to create the ultimate fix – SUGU Hydrating Gel Lip Mask with Cherry.

Guaranteed to lift those kissable lips, the hydrating gel mask is the must have essential to any facial routine. Adding the perfect dose of moisture, your lips will be left feeling bouncy and utterly flawless!

Bonus Tip: it also makes a ultra-cute insta-pic while it’s on! Make sure you share us your lip regime by hash tagging #nofilterneeded.

Always remember, our sheets are never only for one use! Give your skin the full, healthy glow by using our masks for neck, shoulders, arms and legs!


Want to look cute fast? Don’t worry babe, we got you. Shop our sheet masks now and at all good DM Deutschland stores!



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